Nathaniel 'Soul' Brown UnrealScript Programmer
(tutorial, chat, networking)
Carlos 'c0mpi1e' Cuello UnrealScript Programmer
Andrew 'Betlog' Eglington Lead 3D Modeler
Ben 'CyberA(rtist)' Golus Lead Level Designer
Jorn 'gamemusic' Lavoll Audio Engineer
Vito Miliano Division Head, Perilith Industrielle, IT Future, Inc.
Unrealty Concept, Management, and UnrealScript Programmer
(tour guide)
Dave 'Totally' Myers Lead 2D Artist
Andrew Scheidecker Lead Technology Programmer
(UnrealtyEd, MeshEx skeletal system, menus, tour guide, networking)
Christen Smith Editor
Carly Staehlin Vara Voice Talent
Gregory 'GreyGore' Wood Manual Writer

Thanks to Vic 'VicX' DeLeon and Bob 'outkast' Berry at Digitalo for their support and technical expertise; Mark Rein, Tim Sweeney, Mark Rein, Brandon 'GreenMarine' Reinhart, Mark Rein, Erik de Neve, Mark Rein, Mark Rein, Jack 'mek' Porter, Mark Rein and the rest of the gang at Epic Games, including Mark Rein, for producing, marketing, and supporting the technology that made this entire product possible; James Green for his support of Perilith's various projects over the last four years; James 'Gwot' Edwards for his modeling talents during our demo production; Mike 'Mongo' Lambert for his Perl expertise; Joseph 'JbP' Pearson for his last-minute UWindow assistance; Jerry Wolkoff of the Heartland Business Center for allowing us to use his complex for our demonstrations; Mrs. GreyGore for putting up with 'I'm almost done, just another day' for about 2 months; 'ca' for his last-minute bug fixes; Mr. and Mrs. Scheidecker for letting us borrow Andrew for several otherwise thankless months; and all our friends and families for their support and understanding. We couldn't have done it without you.